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Resurrect Once More w/ Rim Baudey

Greetings everyone. I've been silenced for so long. In other terms, I have no mouth, and I must scream.. Yesterday was a charming day for me. I felt happiness after decades. Life has its own arcane ways to show you the sincere moments when the right time hit. You will never know the right time though. But do not expect, do not hope for something beautiful happen on you. I abandoned dreaming many moons ago, when I truly understand the ways of life. They got a plan for you, and you need patience. Simply appear when life flares, calls you and say; ''Now it's your turn, another chance to recreate a beautiful view.'' Merely heed the call, be there, and rejoice. Resurrect once more..

And just now, please welcome Rim Baudey, indeed significant figure, Kazakh artist currently based in France. Rim represents their work in a field of traditional and digital medium with their unique comprehension over art perspectives. Peculiarly expressive in the sense of telling their story with art pieces. Every piece of their art indicates a lost or reformed fragment of Rim Baudey's soul. Communication disguise in many forms, once in a while it becomes implicit, and other time explicit. You can never tell..

Rim Baudey
(Courtesy of Rim Baudey)

What was your itinerary during the time you built castles to the heavens?

Rim Baudey: Hello and thank you for having me. I believe it’s a complex question that requires understanding of social and cultural background I come from. We are all shaped

through interactions with the world, our surroundings, environment, people we meet and things we pay attention to.

I grew up in a small industrial city in Kazakhstan in a family of a doctor and civic engineer. Both of my parents worked, we lived very modestly. Because of the environment I grew up in, it was hard to imagine pursuing an art career and making a living out of it. I worked as a dental technician and then a graphic designer before I became a full-time artist. Despite being a creative, I consider myself a practical person who sets goals, not a dreamer.

I never gave up on my passion, even when my work was not connected with the art world – that’s one of the main reasons why I can call myself an artist today.

As an archaic belief, and I always feel that hands are the narrator of our lives. They warn, love, support, hate, kill, hug and destroy. They have always stories to tell disregarding context. The other thing is, you have to tame them to allow become a voice of yours, and express your stance in any situation. I’m saying that you disciplined your hands and come to an agreement with them. How did you achieve?

Rim Baudey: Hands always express what’s in our hearts. I see them as transmitters of our intentions. Art is natural human behavior, that’s why I don’t believe that we have to train our hands to express ourselves. When we trap ourselves in attempts to be technical, it suffocates sincerity.

Rim Baudey
(Courtesy of Rim Baudey - I Am Home)

Your ‘I am home’ artwork denotes a lot to someone who may feel and experienced, and still searching for a place to belong. But maybe home is not about setting a destination. It might be something internal. I define home as a chamber of memories. And at the end of your arrival, you will return to yourself. And by saying this, I know you are the home. Even though, I would like to hear your thoughts about the concept of home?

Rim Baudey: I left my parents’ house when I was 17. That was the first time I caught myself on a thought that I missed my family, but never the place. Since then I have lived in

different countries and the usual materialistic understanding of home as a location just crumbled. With time I came to the feeling that my home is wherever I am.

With all the current climatic, political and economical changes, concept of home is rather about having a solid psychological core and spirit. This is what I wanted to express in my “I am home” piece.

Decent works you made to depict anger of women in a tender spot with justified reasons. The fact is men love their mother. Somehow men drop the mask rapidly and become an enemy of women with false excuses. The definition of duplicity. I do not believe humankind prepared to confront their madness and wickedness, or maybe that’s the order of the world we dwell. Are there any meaningful methods to intercept viciousness?

Rim Baudey: Female anger is only treated with disdain, when people forget that it is a rightful reaction to injustice and violence we experience and see on a daily basis.

Along with demanding reforms that will address prevention, protection and support to victims of violence, we should focus on educating next generation to develop intolerance to any kind of violence.

Misogyny should never be normalized or excused. Indifference and ignorance will only allow to reproduce and follow the same old patterns over again.

About the Autopsy project, what should it represent in a broader sense?

Rim Baudey: It’s my personal project that took place as a reflection on traumatic events –experiences that shaped me through pain. Painful memories are remembered longer because those memories are corresponded with high stress situations.

That’s just how human brain works. “Autopsy” is about resilience, examining the past to learn from it, and moving onwards.

Seems to be the primary materials clay, graphite and acrylics functions well for you to create a compound. What are the layers of a project you observe value in it?

Rim Baudey: I genuinely struggle to explain technical aspects of my own creative process, as I see it as something that comes in intuitive manner at a first place.

Do you submit to the limits of creativity, or are you seeking for something undefiled?

Rim Baudey: I just follow what feels to me most natural and practical. I moved from country to country and never owned a lot of art supplies, that’s why most of my early works were digital or made using graphite. I like to get out from my comfort zone and explore new things, but changes have always been more subtle, rather than radical in my creative process.

What are your references acting to complete yourself in terms of art medium?

Rim Baudey: I admire creatives who explore human nature and have courage to express things that others may find “extra” or even unacceptable or shocking. Their work encouraged me to create in order to unveil what remain undiscovered in myself, rather than transmitting obvious things.

Ability to notice and see deeper layers left no desire to judge – I don’t trust thoughts that occur to me indoors and can’t take seriously people who are fast to judge either. Work of Tracey Emin, contemporary theatre plays by Jean-Christoph Meurisse (Les Chien de Navarre), and movies by Shinya Tsukamoto are few examples of what I find fascinating recently.

How would you describe melancholy?

Rim Baudey: State of mind I have since my childhood. It came from feeling and understanding other people, sometimes more than I wish I did.

Rim, thank you kindly for becoming part of me, part of my Realm. Your closing words please.

Rim Baudey: Thank you for this opportunity. I hope this interview will encourage the reader to divulge their emotions more freely in art and in life and allow vulnerability to foster inner strength.


Official IG page of Rim Baudey, tap @rimbaudey

Official Web page of Rim Baudey, tap rimbaudey


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