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Encloses unconventional related contents -the essential objective is to identify, examine and understand conceptual initiatives and regarding contemporary and traditional artwork concepts including with designer/artist pieces, archival collections, interviews, blog stuff with subjective interpretation.

These multi-disciplines shall be processed to the corporeal medium with an utilitarian approach. Every bit of idea, notion either vision could create a remarkable ignite in the sense of forming rigid expressiveness.

Majordomo stands for a metaphorical meaning, a manifest to share with you. I am not a  designer, nor pattern-maker, artist or tailor. I’m merely a wisp, who has admiration and enthusiasm for particular field of incorporeality.

Moreover, I am standing here to share and discuss my thoughts about what I aspire. I have chosen majordomo as a title for me, to assist you onto my Realm like a head servant of a residence dealing with household chores to sustain that residence alive. Simply, my eternal personal journey...

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