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The Sword is the Way w/ Wicked Witched

Please welcome the Wicked Witched, the artist gifted with crafting, influenced by particular mediums. Inspired by the core essence of women, death aesthetic and fencing. Reconstructs each idea, if found error, from her peculiar perspective.

wicked witched
(Courtesy of Wicked.Witched)

wicked witched
(Courtesy of Wicked.Witched)

wicked witched
(Courtesy of Wicked.Witched)

Hello Helga. Thanks a lot being part of my realm. Please introduce yourself to the audience to know you further?

Helga: Hello Hakan! Pleased to meet you. I am a creator of dark art and a small business owner known as Wicked.Witched. in social networks. All of my creative ways are hidden beyond these two words: I sublimate my thoughts and emotions into traditional art by different mediums, embody my ideas into the physical world using natural materials, practice HEMA fencing as a swordswoman, perform on LARP events as an actor, collect antiques, oddities and share the moments of my life with my audience.

Tell me how did you come up with a connection for historical European martial arts (HEMA) and thus fencing?

Helga: Since I was young I was addicted to the image of a warrior woman, mighty, powerful and invincible, and the severe beauty of the cold weaponry always mesmerized me. I was collecting everything sword related, from real daggers up to various baubles, playing video games, watching fantasy movies and series, imagining myself as a hero from another world...

Surely, it felt impossible. If someone said to me one day I will become a swordswoman myself, I would just laugh at these words. But fate also has a sense of humor. I never thought that my passion for antiques would become the first step on my way to fulfillment of my childhood dream to become a warrior woman in real life. I met my fencing club performing at the local antique fair… and their art immediately struck right to my heart. I will never forget that day I was holding a real sword in my hands for the first time.

It cut my life into two parts: before and after. No beautiful but empty words here: fencing helped me to find my own place in this world and became the new basis of my existence. The job, the relationship, hobbies and friends, events and fests… Everything I have now has come to me by the sword in my hand. “The sword is the way”, as they said.

Your creativity spark off to a recreation. Eventually followed crafting sword hair pins and armory items on your artisan work-bench. The idea is so refreshing and minimalistic. How did you find out that would be a good idea?

Helga: Thank you! My favorite question. As a craftsman I have to wear my long hair in a bun hairstyle most of the time. I was taking HEMA classes for 2-3 months at the moment I had a sudden thought: “I want a hairpin… What if I craft it for myself? If I do that, what design of a hairpin would I prefer to wear? Can I make… a sword? Weird idea but let’s give it a try…”

And my first sword hairpin, Federschwert (The type of training sword used in fencing schools of the German Renaissance), was born within the next week. I posted it on my social networks without any expectations and… got an absolute bestseller among my goods! I still believe that the secret of success is creating things you would like to use by yourself, as qualitative as possible. I can say the same about everything I make.

I see that you dedicated yourself to the women of the Earth. You once said: ‘’Traditionally, the perfect bouquet of flowers is... steel one. Because being a woman is not weakness, but power.’’ Excellent metaphor. In a manner, you are the herald and call women to recognize their attributes which unfortunately suppressed for ages. Some say it feeds the hatred for man. However, I think, this is not a hate/love story to tell. It’s an obligation to resurrect the value as a woman endured all the suffering and traumas. Isn’t it vital to constantly remind that?

Helga: You are absolutely right. All of the creations of mine have a feminist energy deeply hidden in archetypes and signs. I use my creativity to tell women of their true power in the language of symbols and help to release it. Surely, it is not about hatred for man but about recovery of the broken balance, acceptance of unsolved sides of yourself and protection of those who need it.

It is about reviving the true feminine image that has been ruined in thousands of years. For me, the woman is the new symbol of force nowadays. As I always say, force has an infinite resource as the main meaning. And every woman has this resource: to attack and defend, to destroy and create, living in acceptance with all of her sides without any fears and prejudices… Overall, to be the force herself, not forced to be.

Please describe your muse regarding music and art?

Helga: Oh, our world is such a wealthy place for inspiration! It is not easy to list everything and everybody, so let me tell you in a short way. I often listen to something when I do art and craft. But I have a really variable taste in music and such different moods for listening to only one genre…

My playlist contains music from rock and metal up to indie pop and experimental genres. I often add my favorite music to my publications, by the way. Speaking of classical art, symbolism and surrealism strongly resonate to me. But nothing inspires me as much as the work of my colleagues! I am following many creative people on Instagram, for example. It helps me to feel the pulse of creative life and keep being in the flow state.

As you are thriving on your business, what is your future plans for expanding product range?

Helga: Right now I am thinking of making new accessories in steel... sword related ones for sure! Probably, one-of-a-kind items would be a great addition as well. Maybe some collaborations with other artists… :)

Would you like to share your final thoughts?

Helga: Thank you so much for the invitation to your realm and paying attention to my art and craft! It was a pleasure to answer your questions and share my stories, thoughts and ideas with you.


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