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The Seraph w/ Paul Stavroulakis

Greetings. In these corrupted times of breaking news, I would like to soothe your heart with an unique artist coming from Greece. Paul Stavroulakis. The art is irresistible traced by Paul. As he molds brutal ideas to cordiality, the vehemence is expired. Plausibly the nexus of the seraph regularly dwells and come upon to disseminate the blessing of grace.

I instigate you to view the artwork of Paul Stavroulakis and please enjoy reading the relevant dialogue down below.

Paul Stavroulakis
(Courtesy of Paul Stavroulakis)

Paul Stavroulakis
Courtesy of Paul Stavroulakis)

Greetings Paul. Many thanks for becoming part of my realm. Would you like to introduce yourself to our audience for further understanding?

Paul Stravroulakis: Hello and thank you for having me! I’m a freelance concept artist and character designer from Greece. I studied Illustration and Visual Arts in the American College of Greece.

Even though my studies were focused on other aspects of art my love for manga and anime art was always a part of my style. Since I had digital art classed from a younger age I knew that I wanted to associate with creating my own worlds and characters in the future.

As the years went by my art evolved in a darker and more esoteric version of what I was doing due to my inspirations throughout my life.

As you were a 15 years old youngster, you mentioned that influenced by anime and video games mostly. Since both of these groups had special influences in your life and style, how would you describe the best ones of animes and video games that still infuses your art?

Paul Stavroulakis: I would say first and foremost “Berserk” which is best experienced as a manga version and is the epitome of dark fantasy manga/anime. I also love “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Attack on Titan”.

They are very well known anime so most people know what I’m talking about but I consider them very inspiring for me. When it comes to video games this is where my main inspiration comes from. Since video games give you the luxury to explore and to get lost in their world, this creates an extra level of immersion. I love “Dark Souls”, “Bloodborne” and “Elden Ring” which are by far my favourite games of all time and people often tell me how my work reminds them of those games.

At this point I feel like there is a spiritual connection between me and those video games since I had already developed their aesthetic before I ever played them.

Paul Stavroulakis
(Courtesy of Paul Stavroulakis)

Could you please tell about the concept art as a manner you organize and then conclude? Simply put, what do you consider as the concept art?

Paul Stavroulakis: Concept art is the starting point for every design in life. This goes for every kind of media as well (Movies, comics, games, etc.)

For video games it starts with an idea and develops from there through various sketches and styles. It is quite rewarding to see that there is a final product created by your own hand as a starting point.

Paul Stavroulakis
(Courtesy of Paul Stavroulakis)

In terms of formalism, what are your priorities for an artwork, as utilizing elements like pattern, shape, color, composition and illustration?

Paul Stavroulakis: When it comes to formalism, shape comes first. I start directly with the outlines without any rough sketches. Improvisation is almost always the way to go mainly on my personal work. It contains an element of surprise and not having something planned can create amazing results.

Colour is something that I use mostly on my digital illustrations since the use of a tablet really gives me many different textures and patterns. Of course nothing can take away the vivid beauty of the traditional painting but for the time being is something that I tend to keep digital.

On the other hand when I draw on paper it feels like a ritual. Lines and shapes get more detailed and intricate. Also the concepts are much darker and occult than my digital stuff. I’m not sure why this happens but when you see both my traditional art and digital art side by side they look like a completely different style. I’m glad that people still recognise my style regardless of the medium I use.

For a multifaceted artist like you, I assume your mission is maintaining as a interdisciplinary artist. As you continue your journey by ever-evolving, do you usually reveal new forms and exploration within the process?

Paul Stavroulakis: I believe yes. But its not a conscious decision.

My techniques and style is constantly evolving as far as there are new things to experience and take inspiration from.

Artists may struggle and deal with many problems during their career. For instance, recognition, in other sense visibility in social media like issues of algorithms and generating balance with monetary value of art and commerce. Are these still a matter that have impact on you eminently?

Paul Stavroulakis: Absolutely. The algorithm works in strange ways and its very difficult to schedule a post around it.

Based on experience I can say that in order to get more reach is to post consistently and around a specific time (Preferably night time for me since I’m living in EU).

Another great way to break the algorithm is to keep up with the recent trends and create fan art. With the appropriate tagging there is a good chance to get exposed in a bigger audience.

Paul Stavroulakis
(Courtesy of Paul Stavroulakis)

According to your existence and the whole experience you had, and you will have, is there a ONE thing that you seek after?

Paul Stavroulakis: The one thing I seek is to solely making a living by my art no matter where I am.

Any art, music or literature piece recommendations that you believe essential to have knowledge of?

Paul Stavroulakis: Definitely. I will list some essential artists from each category which I find extremely inspiring: Art: Yoshitaka Amano, Yamamoto Takato, Kentaro Miura, Zdzisław Beksiński Music:

I prioritise atmosphere most of the time. That’s why I really love black metal and all its subgenres. Black metal is a very misunderstood genre because of its past but there are so many different aspects and themes that you can find. Just to name a few favourites: Leviathan, Akhlys, Stormkeep, Wolves in the Throne Room.

During a rainy day there is nothing better than having some atmospheric black metal playing in the background while drawing.

Literature: It might sound very generic but there nothing more essential than the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft in order to enrich your imagination.

 I would like to hear your closing words before your going.

Paul Stavroulakis: I want to thank all the people who supported me and believed in what I can do throughout the years and of course thank you for having me here and for your wonderful questions!


The official Instagram page of Paul Stavroulakis, tap @paul_stavroulakis


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