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Isabel Benenato, Leaving Nothing Unfinished

Hi there. This is a short introductory for Isabel Benenato. Italian conceptual fashion designer launched her eponymous label in 2008. If we are going to speak about irregular textured knitwear and interplay between the product and the wearer, then Isabel Benenato would be one of the substantial examples of how to dress their clients. She leaves nothing unfinished.

Isabel Benenato
(Courtesy of Isabel Benenato)

Throughout her career journey, Benenato remained committed to emphasize the significance of sourcing materials diligently. She remains attached to her label's norms, aesthetics and distinct approach. Every single footstep of her dedication to the inspirational behavior comes from the youth years. Art, music and photography. As Benenato refers to her keypoints simply 'imperfect perfection'.

Apart from the view, Isabel Benenato would like to remind the 'human worth' to communities with high quality materials and seasonless products. One of the main concepts to blur the conventional gender boundaries. Oscillate among feminine and masculine elements to acquire a potency in terms of 'human worth'.

As she continues to push boundaries, the main concern to evolve the design language while staying loyal to the core elements. Isabel Benenato has no intention to make a constant growth in the market. She would like to maintain the brand as being honest and authentic.

As long as all of the products and materials manufacture in-house, there is no any other routine for Isabel Benenato to diverge. They manufacture in Italy. Hopefully this tradition will continue and they will never ever outsource any of it after a massive expanding.

Isabel Benenato
(Courtesy of Isabel Benenato)

Please take a moment to understand the eco-consciousness or sustainability that boomed and become popular around the globe, rather than staying true to the core. Many labels emerged from nowhere with low-quality products and declared they are sustainable. How do you trust their words? Obviously you cannot take them into consideration since they do not show the appropriate potential and provide credentials. I would rather constantly sought the anti-marketing approached labels like Isabel Benenato for purchase to wear everlastingly.


Official website of Isabel Benenato, tap here: IsabelBenenato

Official Instagram page of Isabel Benenato, tap here: @isabelbenenato

Isabel Benenato
(Courtesy of Isabel Benenato)


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