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Detaj: Exalted Bandage Rings

Started with the inner monologue, Takayoshi Yamanami could not find the perfect jewelry. Thus, out of the blue, Takayoshi Yamanami launched Detaj in 1995.

Takayoshi states that the Great Kobe Earthquake in 1995 was transformative for his entire life. He had to reconstruct everything entirely - briefly to dressing the wounds. It's most likely the impact of the earthquake is the particular reason for Takayoshi to perpetuate his cunning aspiration.

Takayoshi designs hand-made ungendered bandage-style (band-aid) rings for every finger. Indicator of the destruction and the creation. Demonstrates how circle of life autonomously continue whilst others have to adapt. The philosophy embraced of the objects based on to the functionality of structures.

Evoked a paragraph line stated by Jean Baudrillard: ''Form is a rigid container, and within it is substance. Beyond their practical function, consequently, objects - have a primordial function as vessels, a function that belongs to the register of the imaginary.'' (The System of Objects)

It sort of justifies how our creativity boost up through objects. Receptiveness.

detaj bandage ring
(Courtesy of Detaj)

detaj bandage ring
(Courtesy of Detaj)

detaj bandage ring uma wang
(Courtesy of Detaj & Uma Wang)

(Courtesy of Detaj)

detaj ring
(Courtesy of Detaj)

Detaj rings
(Courtesy of Detaj)


Detaj official webpage: detaj

Detaj official official Instagram page: @detaj248

UMA WANG official Instagram page: @umawangofficial

UMA WANG official webpage: UMAWANG


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