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Interview With The Devil Designer w/ Micah Ulrich

Good news everyone! Detroit-based pen and ink illustration artist Micah Ulrich entered my Realm. Micah's artistic approach varies through free-spirited environment. Holds an accredited portfolio of collaborations ranging from American singer and songwriter Post Malone to Blizzard Entertainment's well known ARPG video game series Diablo. Micah loves to fantasize creating a communication between video games and art with other influences. What's more, their occult themed artwork bring forth tremendous demand and popularity worldwide. Such sought-after as a tattoo or a design concept by many people, and even Micah added an option on their shop page as a tattoo-flash where you may download digitally. Lastly, do not forget to skim through their 'The Flux Arcana Tarot Deck'. You may find the related links very below of the interview.

Micah Ulrich
(Courtesy of Micah Ulrich)

(Micah Ulrich x Diablo IV Leaderboard Legends Art Design, 2024)

Greetings Micah. Many thanks for your contribution and being part of me. Would you like to reveal yourself to our readers?

Micah Ulrich: I'm Micah Ulrich - a pen and ink illustrator from Detroit who spends their time illustrating the strange, weird, and magical!

You are known as the Devil Designer on social media channels and in your region, could you please describe the attributes of it?

Micah Ulrich: I illustrate a ton of stuff that folks associate with the occult and arcane and all of my work is ink on watercolor paper using cheap gel pens and cheaper paper. I always enjoy the texture of watercolor paper, and cheap pens clog easily, and give an awesome texture to work with!

The gritty qualities of the medium lend themselves well to giving grit to an illustration, and it keeps the design thematically cohesive - plus easily accessible supplies means I can always work with whatever I have on hand!

How did you find out that you have affection with occult and illuminati art?

Micah Ulrich: I've always been drawn to how absolutely unhinged old middle ages and Renaissance artwork depicting monsters and demons are - sometimes they're more traditional demons, and sometimes they're straight up a normal dude with a face for an ass.

Magic and the occult throw all the rules out the window in regards to how they're represented in art, and I fell in love with that instantly. The less rules we place on ourselves while we make art, the more fun it is!

There is something I noticed among people who had played or still playing video games like World of Warcraft and Diablo (1-2), many of them unsealed a chamber that remained intact for long, and then somehow they found out various skill-sets influenced by video games. Do you believe video games have sort of a role impulsing the creativity?

Micah Ulrich: Video games are art, and art we've engaged with always plays the biggest role in influencing our creativity when making art!

I had my start playing video games with Diablo, followed by Diablo 2 and Warcraft 2, and the artwork from those games ABSOLUTELY shaped my own artistic tastes.

A lot of the things I enjoy in making my own art come from those early experiences I had with Samwise and Metzen's art. For the most part, the only games I play regularly are D1+2, and WoW from Vanilla to Wrath, because they are such an artistic feast - I can never get enough of 'em!

How should someone escape routine and stereotypes, and manifest the authentic self?

Micah Ulrich: That varies for person to person - for me personally, I find having a routine to be comforting and help myself stay organized and in touch with myself. Having a few times during the day where I can check in with how I'm handling stuff helps the ol' mental health a ton.

As for stereotypes and the authentic self, I think it's important to recognize who you truly are and accept yourself for who you are and then grow from there. Trying to put oneself and others into some strange, arbitrary per-determined list of categories for any reason is super weird.

I believe Detroit, Michigan inspired you as an individual via the atmosphere, ambience and mediums you sought. Would you like to talk about the Detroit’s cultural and environmental view that influences on you?

Micah Ulrich: Strangely enough, Detroit's atmosphere and ambience didn't really influence my art in the way you're most likely expecting - most of my artistic inspiration comes from the woods and forests around Michigan.

I enjoy nature, and the big city was always too fast and loud for me to feel relaxed in, so I always am trying to slip away to hang out in the swamp, and that's reflected a ton in my work. You can always have a pen and paper on you, so it's a ton of fun sketching out and about, wherever I am!

What are your indispensable rules and mentality as an artist?

Micah Ulrich: I don't have any rules for my work - I went feral forever ago and just throw things at the paper until it makes the thing I like. Also, always pay your quarterly taxes to avoid fines and fees. So one rule I guess.

You’re quite reputable, successful artist and the popularity rises every passing day. Did you make a Faustian pact with the devil?

Micah Ulrich: I did, but the pact was with a Great Value™ devil, instead of selling my soul I now have a knee that makes weird noises and bad seasonal allergies.

 Honor to have you here. Please finalize your closing words before the farewell.

Micah Ulrich: Thank you for having me! I don't usually get a ton of questions about any old school games, and that honestly made my week, plus I always love talking art! Tons of love to you and your readers, and I hope you all the best!!

Micah Ulrich
(Post Malone x Micah Ulrich) - Artwear designed by Micah Ulrich.


Official IG page of Micah Ulrich, tap @micah_ulrich

Official Web page of Micah Ulrich, tap micahulrich


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