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  • Hakan Öztunalı

Unshackled Pleasures /w The CraXittude

Updated: Feb 27

Unshackle pleasures, where darkness shrouds the hidden. Craxittude illuminates darkness with unorthodox clothes. Nothing could be changed without manipulating the perceptibility of realities. Show an impetus to this world and witness how it’s gonna change for you…

Craxittude follows the path of seekers, seekers of the knowledge and newness. They are redefining the norms with altering fabrics and reconstituting clothes via the power of deconstruction.

Craxittude formed their unique simulation, debugged the current reality, shifted over a new realm, where pleasures dwell and burst.

As French Philosopher Jean Baudrillard advocates; ”We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.”

Craxittude restores the gap of obscurity, less is more when your ingredients are joy and devotion for your creations.

(Courtesy of Craxittude, Model : Georgiana Saraev)

(Courtesy of Craxittude, Model : Georgiana Saraev)

If CraXittude was a book of fashion knowledge, how should we read it?

Georgiana: Upside down, ha ha! CraXittude could never be a book of fashion knowledge as CraXittude is a project meant to create a visual language for those who do not belong conventionally, for those who disregard dress codes and don’t find themselves in what the fashion industry or mainstream have to offer.

A huge play in creating this visual language is owned by the team involved in the making of each Crax-story (photography, muses, makeup & hairstyle) and I want to thank them for supporting this project.

If CraXittude was a book it would describe a framework or mindset for experimental creation through artisanal crafting techniques, guided by the creator’s intuition, the energy flowing through him/herself.

There would be no rules, no right or wrong way to do things as long as there is consideration for the people, environment and materials involved in the process. Through experimentation also comes innovation, so for CraXittude it’s important to play with the fabrics to give life to new forms and emotions.

Your clothes look alive; do you believe clothes could talk with their owners?

Georgiana: Clothes are means to shield ourselves from the outside world or a way to express our inner life to the outside, but it might as well be a way to remind ourselves of who we are as individuals.

CraXittude wear is meant to empower its owner’s creativity, there is no right or wrong way to wear them, actually we encourage each owner to find new ways to wear them and shape them to his/her individuality.

(Courtesy of Craxittude, Model : Georgiana Saraev)

In the forthcoming future, how would you adapt your clothes to the future’s order of rules?

Georgiana: It’s important to create a sustainable future …but also a sustainable present.

We envision a future where humans are more connected to nature, where we accept each other for who we are and do not set a label or judge one another by the cover.

For a sustainable future there needs to be a mindset shift in the fashion industry as it’s one of the most polluting industries with a huge environmental impact. Mass-production and fast-fashion should be replaced by more conscious creation with meaning and not for commercial purposes. Open collaboration between makers, designers and specialists in tech industry will continue to grow and bring a change for more sustainable practices.

At CraXittude we use mostly natural qualitative fabrics sourced carefully. We create with zero-waste design in mind to have as little waste as possible. Leftover fabrics are used to make labels or unconventional pieces to wear. We do not have stocks, we make each piece made to order based on our client’s measurements to ensure a proper fit.

The past, the present and the future… Are these notions means anything for CraXittude?

Georgiana: Not in their common sense understood by the fashion industry which always pushes for the new with every season and sets an expiration date on previous works. CraXittude is not about seasonal collections to go with the trends. A language doesn’t expire but it evolves.

If CraXittude encounters a fairy ring, and it’s cursed by unknown sorcery, would CraXittude step in to dispel the curse?

Georgiana: Would this fairy ring heal the planet, would it stop wars, would it make us better humans? Then I wouldn’t hesitate to break the curse. Could this fairy ring be inside us all waiting for us to unlock its powers?

(Courtesy of Craxittude, Model : Georgiana Saraev)


CraXittude’s Official Webstore Page: craXittude

Designs & Styling    | CraXittude, UNpatched Vulnerabilities collection 

Photography & Concept   | Florin Ghenade | @ghenadef

Muse   | Georgiana Saraev  |  @georgianasaraev

MUA   |  Ioana Roman | @ioana.rmn

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