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Transfigurative Subconsciousness, Grishjarta by Nattramn

Transfigurative subconsciousness. Yes. The title should meet the expectations. The poetry book Grishjarta is written by Swedish DS – Black Metal musician & writer Mikael Nilsson, also known as Nattramn.

There are a lot of rumors and speculations revolving around Nattramn for a very long time. I am not desirous to talk about the uncanny story behind this man. All along the line, it’s just based on ambiguous speculations, you can search the every corner of the internet to learn more about his uneasy story. My lips are sealed due to unconfirmed information. Interesting rumor is that Nattramn is merely an experimental project and the regarding individual is unreal.

Other than these alleged articles, two music projects carried out by Nattramn. One of them is Silencer (music band) the sole album released in October 30, 2001 and the other one is Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Transformalin, in 2006, which happened after Nattramn institutionalized.

costin chioreanu
costin chioreanu
(Courtesy of Costin Chioreanu)

Nattramn composed the album Transformalin whilst in a psychiatric clinic, under rehabilitation. It’s utterly industrial dark-ambient music. Album was re-released by mediation company the HAL with 150 copies only. Album CD’s were signed with a drop of blood. If you know the band Shining (Swedish) another wonderful band also drops blood for their various merchandise products.

Please note that, I do not want to encourage you for any of these above. I’m just the messenger, don’t shoot me down!

Just consider me as a channel to see through artists monocle. We are not here to judge their code of conduct.

And If you ask my personal impression on this matter, I would say these people are longing for something they do not aware of. It’s like a mission to detect a bug/error in the world to repair. Normality depends on your scope of comprehension and customary behaviors.

That’s why I named the title as transfigurative subconsciousness. Because, when you focus yourself on a notion for a long period either overinterpret a subject, then you may reveal a new phase of understanding. How could you confront your sensation without grasping your feelings in-depth? Experiment and disbanding enslavement from the normative doctrines indeed.

costin chioreanu
costin chioreanu
(Courtesy of Costin Chioreanu)

More than that, I would like to say couple of things about this book, the Grishjarta. The book edited between 1996-2011 and translated from Swedish to English by Nattramn himself. Wonderful illustrations done by Costin Chioreanu.

The poetic layout in the book is the manifestation of Nattramn’s inner world. Some stanzas are the lyrics of his music projects presented in both English and Swedish.

You will find out some allegations refuted after reading the book. Yet, the current situation of Nattramn remains a mystery.


Costin Chioreanu’s Instagram page, tap @costinchioreanu

HAL (humanianimaliliberati) – Nattramn’s Website


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