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The Vampire’s Wife, The Seamstress of Modesty

Susie Cave, the seamstress of modesty, formed her clothing label The Vampire’s Wife, in 2014. As said, The Vampire’s Wife was an abandoned book project by the reputed musician Nick Cave, who is the husband of Susie Cave. Evidently, the book is not abandoned, but transfigured, become animated in the hands of Susie.

(Courtesy of The Vampire’s Wife)

I believe that every qualified and creative designer finds a relevant niche in fashion. Susie Cave is one of them. I would like to call her as ”the seamstress of modesty” for never leaving the playground of her business. Seems to be that, Susie perceives her firm as a joyful place to radiate her elegant vision.

Susie transfuses her peculiar personality – fragility and sensitivity over to The Vampire’s Wife. The positivity that she disseminates those features as a reflection on floor-length dresses, jewelries and other vampire stuff of her collection pieces. There is something strangely charming about her collections, part of you cuddle darkness and your other part embrace happiness.

The inspiration derives from the 1950’s era, just as much the gothic, romantic movement back in the pages of old days. Susie Cave have one more mission to deploy, uncovering feminine features of women to position themselves in a higher place.

However, Susie is not fond of implementing this mission with creating conspicuous behavior among women, she intend to show unique features of women with subtlety and modesty. It is much likely declaring that women are gifted, some women unaware of their capabilities either at unconscious mental phase. In that context, why not reconstitute women’s substantial traits?

Nick cave
(Courtesy of The Vampire’s Wife)

This is like the manifestation of amazon power which is the symbol of women in ancient tribes. Many problems are resolvable without hassle and rumble. That’s the essence of amazon power. Fighting without arsenal and chaos, but wisdom and honor.

Yet, by our nature, we love to hurt others, thus, we assume that will bring power and consequently justify ourselves. But, no… That’s merely a delusional confusion. If you are willing to hurt someone, be kind to them. They will show the real color.


All along the line, The Vampire’s Wife is out there to experiment new stuff with preserving the resemblance of the past. Susie’s interest to visual arts, old movies, photography and vintage is the aspiration and devotion to modernize clothes from former times without changing their purpose.

Whilst we cannot forecast future, what do we have other than the memories of the past?

Lastly, couple of days ago, I’ve just red an article from The British Vogue, which truly touched my heart about Susie Cave’s meeting with Nick Cave;

the vampire's wife
( Courtesy of The Vampire’s Wife)


To reach The Vampire’s Wife Website & Store, click here

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