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  • Hakan Öztunalı

Stick’n’rope: The Art of Bookbinding

Updated: Feb 26

Stick’n’rope is a dexterous couple from Sweden filled with passion for bookbinding. In fact, the art of bookbinding can be more suitable description for what they crafting. They are the armorer of books and journals!

(Courtesy of Stick’n’rope)

(Courtesy of Stick’n’rope)

In days of yore, Egyptians have been using scroll tablets and various methods to write on a surface. This ancient knowledge of writing has been commonly carried out to preserve entries, journals and valuable documentations.

On the one hand, codices in the 1st century, manuscripts formed into variable papers like papyrus or vellum which were used by Egyptians and Romans as well.

There are tons of variation of these manuscripts, which eventually evolved into modern industrial production with the printing press invention. However, for decorative and artistry purposes, there are few artisanal bookbinders such as Stick’n’rope.

After completed my research about bookbinding, I realized that how hard-work must be done as a process of designing for these beautiful ornaments.

For instance, folding and sewing should be done patiently to prevent split apart of papers and books. The structure or the frame of the book should tend to durable for external damages.

Besides, there are other core parts of bookbinding; aging the book, drying process, making a cover, engraving and painting. As you can notice, these magical books become artifacts after a grueling stage.

I’d like to state that Stick’n’rope doesn’t use leather bound books.

In every aspect, Stick’n’rope’s books armored with love and passion.

(Courtesy of Stick’n’rope)

These exceptional books and chests can be customized as well. Stick’n’rope take special and custom-made orders for the clientele. Otherwise, you may select from the collection they offer.

To be clear and precise, I am truly enthralled by the craftsmanship of Stick’n’rope. The reason is hand-made and hand-paint products with appealing aesthetic look. I do not fond of refined bookbinding where automation finalize the process. There is tremendous effort making these artisanship which is intriguing to me .

(Courtesy of Stick’n’rope)

Ultimately, I found the artisanship quite enticing for my taste. It looks peculiar and unique in many ways, unlocked a new chamber for my fantasies to leap forward into obscure realms.

Stick’n’rope is the pure evidence of how love and passion duality could sprinkle recontextualization for our lives.

I would like to end my words with a sequence taken from the Faust, Vol I. So long. Hakan.

until the merriment of carnival is past; we’ll not achieve our end if we’re distracted. We first must, with composure, win our peace of soul and earn what is below with help from what’s above. Who wants what’s good must first be good; who wishes happiness must calm his blood; he who desires wine must press ripe grapes; who hopes for miracles must fortify his faith.


Tap here to reach Stick’n’rope’s official webstore.

Tap @sticknrope to reach Stick’n’rope’s Ig page.

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