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Slow Fashion /w Erebus

Updated: Feb 27

Erebus is a multi-label online platform for emerging conscious designers around the world. They are forming fellowship around of sustainability, avant-garde fashion and slow fashion. In respect of Erebus, creativity, individualism and originality can ensure freshness to the contemporary fashion. Their quintessential purpose includes warping the time, implement amendments, pour over artistic disciplines onto the fashion. The treatment is operational!

Slow fashion is part of avant-garde fashion. It is the crucial option of picking up high quality products over wear-and-tear.

It could reveal designer’s perspective in the sense of creating a garment with in-depth. You have to be more conscious, less commercial, upskilled.

Slow fashion is alike freezing the time, dispelling the problems and burdens with a clear intuition, which occurs at every stage during a creation of fashion piece. Slow and steady is the branding new motto.

Besides, it has a deep communication and interrelationship with avant garde fashion.

Majority of the people misinterpret avant garde fashion. It is definitely not arrogance, flexing, high price tags and market oriented business approach. Avant garde fashion is the self creation, rediscovering oneself with an undefiled vision.

It is your subjective play-ground. It is where you shoo! all of the cliches and conventionality from your soul. Above all, the ritual of this cleanse will led you share your sensation with other people. If there is more to share, then there will be more contentment.

That being said, Erebus uncovers it’s ideology and sincere thoughts for the fashion industry from their own viewpoint.

As a side note, you should absolutely visit their online store where various genuine avant garde fashion brands and designers are available to explore.

(Courtesy of Erebus)

(Courtesy of Erebus)

What is the essential mission of Erebus to cure in the global fashion industry?

The Erebus Team, Chris: The mission of Erebus has always been to showcase and highlight the talent of the best emerging sustainable fashion talent. It is our mission to show that ethical fashion is no longer just for hippies but it also isn’t just boring basics either. Organic cotton isn’t the end-all-be-all of sustainability nor is it the only factor in what a “good” fashion business looks like.

We also follow the slow fashion mentality; clothes that get one wear them get thrown out are becoming ever more harmful to our predacious environment. You should buy a new piece of clothing or jewelry because it makes you feel special, makes heads turn and something like that takes time.

As a multi-label online store, what type of emerging fashion brands/designers should apply to Erebus?

The Erebus Team, Chris: Erebus designers have their own perspective on what good fashion is. We only work with designers who use sustainable materials, have ethical business practices and respect for our human family.

Our aesthetic tends to the darker side, mainly because you have to be talented to do something innovative and ever-evolving with a simple colour palette.

Many fashion brands neglect story-telling and avoid forming cultural background. Do you think rushing without creating a sustainable approach could bring quality to a long-term business?

The Erebus Team, Chris: Our designers have never shied away from telling their own authentic stories or tried to blend into the background to be more “commercial.” If you look at Zsigmond Dora, her heritage permeates throughout every collection.

DZHUS, one of our brands currently impacted by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, focuses on a single aspect of Ukraine’s culture per collection and infuses her architectonic design with historic iconography in her own way.

Mark Baigent constantly challenges societal expectations of gender as that is their authentic story. Our fashion is art and art tells a story.

How do you interpret avant garde fashion?

The Erebus Team, Chris: To me, avant-garde means to do something different and to tell your own story in a way that hasn’t been told before. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or earth shatteringly new, it has to be real.

Avant-grade stands out in a crowd, it makes you think, it confuses you, you like it but you’re not entirely sure why. In fashion, it’s a bit of your soul in cloth. It’s taking something everyone knows and putting it to use in a way they couldn’t have expected.


Erebus’s Official Website Page: erebusstyle

Erebus’s Instagram Page: @erebusstyle

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