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Reconstructing Aesthetics w/ Raw Nails

Greetings. I would like to introduce you Diana Kleymenova the Nail Artist, filled affection with nails and other supplementary materials to build her aesthetic fortress. Aesthetic linked to personal pleasure, appreciation of art and design. To describe visual appeal, one should offer the beauty.

Diana is the master of unveiling the thoughts on her mind to a concrete object. Then what is reconstructing aesthetics? It is the initial and the ultimate process of creating something with a twist. It could be anything altered, damaged or even lost. Reconstruction kicks off with using various techniques like repairing and restoring. It is sometimes the creative interpretation to reach a level to achieve the best potential recreation.

And I love to see when artists push the boundaries of their expertise to reach another level of understanding. Because, the duty is simple and prearranged for a nail artist. They create intricate designs and apply decorative elements to fingernails or toenails, offers services to personal preferences and style. However, Diana seen the beyond from a vitrage...

Diana Kleymenova
(Courtesy of Raw Nails)
Diana Kleymenova
(Courtesy of Raw Nails)
Diana Kleymenova
(Courtesy of Raw Nails)

Hello Diana, please introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you yet?

Diana Kleymenova: Hi! Let me tell you about myself! 

My name is Diana Kleymenova, i’m a nail artist from Moscow (Russia).

As a nail artist you are specialized in manicure with aesthetic treatment of hands. Tell me about how your journey started.

Diana Kleymenova: I used to wear a nude nail polish, but one day I wanted to try a design instead. I found inspo from Instagram and Pinterest and quickly realized that I wanted to do my nails with mold design. Finding an artist for this was not easy, but once i got what I wanted, I discovered how many possibilities there are for creativity. I began to ask my master to implement my other ideas.

In nail art, you can use different materials, with which you can create different textures and even entire looks. I was very impressed. I felt so inspired that i decided to try it myself. That’s how my way started.

Diana Kleymenova
(Courtesy of Raw Nails)

You craft other accessories as well. Rings are one of them contained in the specific category. How did you find out that you were able to do?

Diana Kleymenova: Materials using for manicure are quite durable. Nail artists have been making some kind of crafts and simple rings out of them for a long time.

Even some jewelers began to use these materials for details, so the idea of ​​making rings in my own style came pretty quickly.

Do you have any upcoming plans to expand the category of accessories other than rings?

Diana Kleymenova: I have already made pendants and earrings for myself and would like to continue making jewelry. This is an interesting process. I hope to be able to expand this category soon, but right now I'm thinking about what I want them to be.

It’s absolutely astounding to see embellished nails with genuine shapes, colors and forms. Wondering what type of materials you use to do nails and accessories?

Diana Kleymenova: I prefer not to reveal the entire process.

So, in addition to the usual materials for manicure, such as polygel and gel polishes, I use animal bones and teeth, snake skin, sand, insect parts, tree bark, dried leaves, shells and many other things. At first my works were more abstract, but over time I found a clearer direction with organic themes.

Are you open for bespoke products, commissions upon request?

Diana Kleymenova: Yes, I am open to this format of work! But It is important to remember that all products are handmade and they will not be similar to each other. Also it takes a lot of time and I can’t make large quantities.

Any designer or artist reach you to request for your expertise of nails and other stuff regarding consultancy?

Diana Kleymenova: Yes, I do offline classes from time to time, but I'm thinking about starting them online. I’m still thinking about a format, but I would be glad to share my knowledges and techniques.

It’s a pleasure for me to have on my realm. Any final words you would like to mention?

Diana Kleymenova: I'm glad that I can express myself through my work, it helps me grow as an artist.

My curiosity led me to the area where I found my place. Therefore, I can say that you need to confidently invest time in something that has meaning for you. Thank you so much for you interest in my art!

Diana Kleymenova
(Courtesy of Raw Nails)


To reach official Instagram page of Diana Kleymenova, tap here: @raw.nailsss


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