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  • Hakan Öztunalı

Parts of Four’s Bewitched Druid Ornaments

Updated: Feb 27

Parts of Four is created by U.S. designer Evan Sugerman in 2011. The brand itself focused on jewelries, furnishings, sculpture, fantasies and beasts. Evan’s enthusiasm derives from various components like meditation, alchemy and nature. Parts of 4 is a dedicated brand, because they do not seek or demand popularity among fashion industry. They are creating niche products with pricy tags and every each product is special due to high quality material and custom-made artisanal value. Besides, jewelries and talismans visually charming and have a remarkable view. You could make a lot of personal inferences by inspecting symbolic denotations from Parts of Four’s artifacts.

(Courtesy of Parts of Four)

parts of four jewelry
Parts of four
(Courtesy of Parts of Four)

Parts of Four is a brand for people who seek the essence of life and remembrances from specific objects. Enormously asymmetrical designed bracelets, heavy chain necklaces, talismans and sigil rings can be challenging for you to wear.

However, if you have the knowledge and pleasure for these quirky jewelries to wear, then you have a great taste in my opinion.

You have to understand some basic things before purchasing any of these products. Firstly, I always feel like if you wear something on you, that means you wear your armor. What I am trying to denote is that your clothes or jewelries are your armor and represents yourself for the outer world. We should get rid of our banalities and be more specific for our appearance. That is why Parts of Four is a special brand for me. They do not hold back to show their real visual and refuses to be a trite. It creates unique connection between me and the brand for finding a common ground as a life-style


Their products are genderless, so there is not any restriction for wear. Also, Parts of Four uses raw and pure materials like natural stones, precious metals and blending slabs for creating unique designs. Predominantly, the brand itself connected with nature and arcane just alike druids.

parts of four jewelry
parts of four jewelry
(Courtesy of Parts of Four)

Druids are well known for their mighty wisdom and arcanist disciplines. They have deities and esoteric symbols, which they communicate with each other through nature.

Besides, every unique object has got an essential meaning and purpose as a signifier.

The way they live is like face off the world fearlessly. They are the lecturers and instructors of nature and defenders of the world. Druids have psychic abilities, ancient knowledge and mystic intuitions. They form a bond with nature to create resourceful livable space.

On the contrary, humans, the public of modernity, constructing unlivable conditions. Humanity is getting disconnected from the world physically. Therefore, I pay homage to the Parts of Four, because it basically reminded to me about my own self existence.

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