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Outburst of Zeal w/ Doria

I had a chance to speak with Doria, South Korean artist who lives in Seoul at the moment. Doria has an unalike love for drawing in digital arts medium. By saying that, I indicate how good they draw. I vieweved most of their works and all of them are magnificent. Doria plays and adjusts asthetics over painting in digital environment. They will continue to outburst of zeal to fulfill their desires by creating marvelous artworks.

(Courtesy of Doria)

Hi Doria, thank you kindly taking the time to show yourself on my Realm. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Doria: Hello, my name is Doria and I live in Seoul, South Korea. My Korean real name is Lee Hyeon-woo.

How is Doria’s path intersected with the art medium?

Doria: I draw with iPad drawing and I am trying to post my drawings on Instagram and YouTube every day as much as possible. I will continue to work with the iPad, which overcomes material and time limitations.

As South Korea made tremendous economic leaps and prioritized education system, currently become one of the advanced nations. What are your takes over art education and propagating in South Korea?

Doria: South Korea’s art education can be seen to bloom during entrance exams. Competition in the art entrance exam brings both pain and technical growth to those who draw.

There has been a lot of criticism that South Korea's art for college entrance exams draws uniform pictures, but it is undoubtedly true that the art for college entrance exams teaches the basics that many Koreans use on their way to becoming technicians.

Getting an art education in South Korea means becoming a professional-level technician at one stage of taking the art entrance exam.

You frequently draw beautiful upper body sections; neck, face and hair. Are there any particular reasons for that like reconstructing and put a distinctive meaning?

Doria: When drawing faces, I especially emphasize the eyes and hair. The flowing eyes, and hair symbolize the liveliness of the character. And the eyes are the closest part of the body that connects us to others.

So, the first reason is liveliness, and the second reason is that omitting all facial parts and emphasizing them in close-up rather than drawing them in full creates a lingering feeling and imagination when expressing the character.

About digital illustration softwares, are you usually work on Procreate, or are you up for trying other softwares with variable brushes?

Doria: In the beginning, I mainly used the 6b pencil, or hb pencil of the default brush of the Procreate app to express people.

Since about three years ago, I have been working with exoartic charcoal and oil bursh, which are available for free commercial use.

You have a Youtube channel, where you demonstrate illustrations with tutorials for all the painting process. I am curious about what is the uttermost challenging part for you to draw and teach?

Doria: While leaving the video, I regret not being able to include the editing process of the work that I regret not being able to include in the video.

I always feel sad when I look at a painting again, so I think timing when I can let go of it is the most important thing. In that sense, I don't think there is a perfect moment.

What influences your creativity, and then your journey begins?

Doria: When I rest, I refresh myself by watching movies of any genre and listening to piano music. When I clear my head like that, I think I should start drawing again!

Could you name and describe one thing that indicates a purpose in your life?

Doria: The purpose of my life is to feel fulfilled and happy by doing what I like. I always feel fulfilled as the number of followers and likes on my Instagram account increases every day. This is a type of dopamine.

What do you generally manifest, and wish for to come true?

Doria: I want to arouse people’s desire to draw, by consistently drawing with digital drawing. I also want to become a person who inspires many people.

Communication is essential. But, what is your interpretation on effective communication to resolve issues among art language and normal language?

Doria: Living in the age of SNS, I believe that we must continue to communicate in the creative world by engaging in honest communication with the public through periodic live broadcasts, so that there is no gap between the language of art and general language.

If the public knows the artist well, I think they will understand the parts of artistic language that they do not understand through the aura while thinking about the artist.

Doria, it was an honor. I would like to hear your closing words please..

Doria: Thank you. I will continue to have fun drawing.


Official IG page of Doria, tap @doriaaa_art

Official Youtube channel of Doria, tap doria


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