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Opening the Sarcophagus of Andrey Moss

Greetings everyone! I’ve found the sarcophagus of Andrey Moss. Andrey didn’t bite me nor cast a spell on me. He had heaps of argument to talk about… Listen him closely.

Andrey Moss is more than anything you envision. He is a genuine artisan who conducts art and fashion with his spectral baton. Andrey articulates himself with his connection to the past. The past where everything was real, arcane and vivid, where nature procreated itself as a maiden without manipulation or corruption by human intervention.

Andrey Moss speaks the language of affection. He is meticulously interpreting and communicating the arcane nature. To literally speak and interact, you have to listen the other for a good comprehension. Think about the last moment when someone truly listened to you by heart. When was it?

(Courtesy of ANDREY MOSS)

andrey moss
(Courtesy of ANDREY MOSS)

andrey moss
(Courtesy of ANDREY MOSS)

The fact remains that Andrey shifted these skills to enhance his vision through art and cordiality. Andrey Moss crafts conceptual shoes and accessories in an unconventional silhouette. Studies textures, leathers, shapes, fabrics in his workshop, never rushes to complete, waits till it’s reach the final form.

The final form defines itself with women, women have the angelic soul, the aesthetic visuality to wear and carry clothes. Garments may become immortal on women when they tailored creatively. Do not dissociate yourself from women, or you will lose the essence of life


Lips are sealed since Andrey has to return back to his coffin for a delightful resting…

Make Haste! Let’s eavesdrop of what he has to say;

Could you describe something sentimentally valuable for you?

Andrey Moss: There is always a lot sentimental in creativity… But most of all I value the time when I am in my country studio, only surrounded by candles, books and baroque music, I will not exchange these minutes for anything… The world is full of monsters, and I’m glad that I can put everything on pause at such moments.

(Courtesy of ANDREY MOSS)

How does cultural and traditional motivations push you forward to create your artifacts?

Andrey Moss: This is the basis of my work. I always turn to the events of centuries long past to push myself to create something ”new” , I dedicate my works to the women I meet in the books or films, so my way of creating is more like working as a costume designer in a movie.

In recent collections, there were characters from the distant past, whose power has not faded to this day. These are all real people, carriers of traditions and culture, who do not need additional interpretation, I just imagine them as my customers.

andrey moss
(Courtesy of ANDREY MOSS)

How did you create your own hyperreality within your fashion realm?

Andrey Moss: The answer is very simple: I do not pay attention to the fashion world and do not consider myself a part of it, I trust only myself, and I try to be honest with my customers and followers. My task is not at all to broadcast trends. But of course there are fashion brands that are an example for me of how to work with clients or with visual language.

Do you perceive any correlation between art and fashion?

Andrey Moss: Everything can become art if your experience reaches its highest point. But if we talk about fashion: when fashion defeats commerce, it can become art. Art is something that a person literally does not need; fashion is applied creativity, but it is able to push the boundaries of perception of the world, break stereotypes and be a bridge between the diversity of the world.

Fashion is a language, not art, and maybe this is its main value, because you live in it every day. But only art is able to capture the culture and traditions of people in the vast diversity of humanity, so fashion strives to become art..

Do you believe fashion is an armor to wear, for revealing our unique persona?

Andrey Moss: This is a very individual question. Each person chooses a ”weapon” with which he interacts with the world himself. And of course, fashion can become such a weapon or armor. But I call on everyone, you can choose any language, weapons or armor for revealing yourself, as you like, but please make this world a better place…

andrey moss
(Courtesy of ANDREY MOSS)


Andrey Moss’s Official Webstore Page: andreymoss

Andrey Moss’s Instagram Page: @andreymoss


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