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Detaj’s Exalted Japanese Rings

Updated: Feb 27

All that matters that understanding the characteristics of fashion and then blending with textures, patterns and other components. Initial production stage is a thorny phase for creating unique jewelry. The founder of the Detaj, Takayoshi Yamanami crafts gorgeous hand-made unique rings.

(Courtesy of Detaj)

detaj ring
(Courtesy of Detaj)

Takayoshi Yamanami is a Japanese designer who established the brand Detaj in 1995. He esteems crafting is a way to represent and understand oneself.

Takayoshi says that the Great Kobe Earthquake in 1995 was a game-changer for his entire life. He had to rebuilt everything entirely. It is possible that the impact of the earthquake is the reason for him to pursue his artisanal aspiration.

Earthquakes are devastating natural forces which can be resulted with detrimental impacts for our lives.

I assume that the earthquake made him to reconstruct his desires and requests on a sound basis. Thus, he revives and nourish his aspirations because of the disastrous effects of the earthquake. Many people know that material selection to compose a jewelry is time-consuming process and challenging in terms of decision-making.

Takayoshi creates genderless bandage-style(band-aid) rings unlike any other ring. It is wrapped to the finger with various motifs like skulls, gems and roses. He has a great collection of custom-made jewelry like necklaces, fine rings and bangles.

You can pre-order various products on Detaj’s website via contacting them either look up for online-retailers to purchase from their limited collections.

The collections are unseasonable. Those bandage-style rings are remarkable, because of, they created them for dressing the wounds due to the earthquake.

In addition, Detaj attribute worn-out and shabby references for the rings which makes them exclusive in my personal opinion.

The most enjoyable part of crafting is basically molding and shaping your ideas into a concrete form of your designs.

That is sensational. Accordingly, the reason behind of Takayoshi to become a designer, he couldn’t find suitable jewelry that matches with his standards and satisfies expectations.

At the same time, he resolved the problems to set his own standards for designing lush jewelry. This is how Detaj copes with problems that occurs in a particular time period.

detaj ring
(Courtesy of Detaj)

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