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  • Hakan Öztunalı

Boris Bidjan Saberi The Fashion Alchemist

Updated: Feb 27

Boris Bidjan Saberi is the alchemist of Dark Fashion. Boris is a Persian-German designer. His artfulness comes from the inspirations like military clothing, Middle-East culture, dark alleys of the street style and design of experiments in the sense of fashion. He is performing chemical experiments for his collection pieces in the atelier, despite knowing it’s hazardous landscape and risks.

Boris Bidjan Saberi offers impressive construction for clothes. His designs are artisanal and he converts fabrics to clothes and transmute them like an alchemist.

He dyes fabrics to create experimental work for the clothes. According to his knowledge and belief, black is the supreme color, believing that it is freezing the distraction among people, it’s an elegant color to use for any garments.

For the products and objects, you can see a lot of motifs and inspirational pieces taken from Carol Christian Poell, which I believe that he choose the path of his ideology.

Generally, he is experimenting fabrics and mold a shape to them in a factory to create high quality products. Being an Avant-Garde Fashion Designer is might be overwhelming. You have to observe new ways to convert and blend the current-past fashion and aesthetic standards to reach a higher level.

You have to concentrate over experimental ideas to put on a process. Boris Bidjan Saberi has been worked with hazardous substances, chemicals for a long time. He is literally talented with transforming things which was the main reason that he joined the underground dark fashion. He believes that leather goods are a living substance and transfigurates, when you wear it on your skin.

(Courtesy of Boris Bidjan Saberi)

Our body moisture and odor could have an impact for the shape of a leather which can result as changing onto our skin. Besides, each collection piece could make you feel curious about the details of products.

For instance, what kind of hues, pigments or colors are used? How the surface and texture has changed? These type of questions have importance to create coherence between consumers and clothes in terms of affiliation.

The objects used and the whole design process for Boris Bidjan Saberi are for conveying a message to the audience. He does not care about the social norms, he has no intention to have an approval from someone or any empowered authorities.

He is mostly interested with the personal norms to develop and strive for finding the inner serenity to express outside. I’d say, the message is understanding the difference between doing the right thing and truth.

(Courtesy of Boris Bidjan Saberi)

About doing the right thing; people are nodding to the restrictions and ask for an approval from a decision-maker to feel belonging to a society. But the truth is that, things are more complex and unleashed. There is no limitation. There is no true/false.

And, I think choosing the truth will put you in a bad position with many problems, because majority will not understand and will not approve what you do or what you say.

However, being yourself and striving to improve yourself is the best gift to pick for selecting the truth. That’s why Boris Bidjan Saberi thrives season after season and takes those risks to defend his creative stance. He does not have expectations from masses to praise him. His optimistic approach and stability is the self-actualization.

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