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Bitterly Cold December Sea w/ Anastasia Kulikova

Welcome to the last interview of the year. I would like to invite you to the dreamscape of Anastasia Kulikova from the beautiful lands of Georgia. Artisan of handmade products, Digital Artist and Visual Art Creator to interpret their reality within immersive fantasy. That allows Anastasia to push boundaries with limitless creativity and genuine artwork. Well nigh impractical to replicate.

In advance of the interview, I would like to share my current feelings concisely about my Blog-page. I am thankful to Anastasia for allowing me to steal a small reading time and understanding in advance.

Instead of writing a default diary of events, I choose Blogging. Why? Because I would like to heal myself with the aid of exceptional artists. I make a selection of artists who are published and will published here. They choose me as well. Nothing is coincidence. These significant people do not give interviews to everyone who knock their doors. They are the curators of their realms like I do on mine. So they move diligently to avoid harm of their image.

Why I heal myself? Simple. I miss the child me. He was utterly happy and had a good heart. I am trying to reconnect with him to continue my life. And yes, I have everything right now but longing for a portion of true happiness. I lost him while I am growing up and my journey is becoming a confusion without his presence. I cannot even look of the pictures of child me properly, or watch my nostalgic VHS tapes. It merely irritates me. You may find hints in some of the questions that posed to the artists. You will find me there.

Lastly, I born on 15th of December. This statement will be my only personal reveal as we are in mid of December currently.

Child me is stranded in the bitterly cold December Sea. I will save him even if it will cost to destroy myself. You have no idea what kind of rage I hold somewhere deeply buried within me that tangles to reach the surface. A battle between me versus me.

And to Anastasia Kulikova and the beautiful Artists that joined my realm, you are part of this journey, part of me, part of the jigsaw puzzle. I cannot thank you enough.

Anastasia Kulikova
(Courtesy of Anastasia Kulikova - Red Snake)

Greetings Anastasia. It’s a grand pleasure to have you here. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers for further understanding?

Anastasia Kulikova: Hello, thank you for the invitation.

I'm Anastasia, visual art creator, digital artist, handcrafter. In my works I present: dark elegance, mystical surrealism, fatal femininity.

I create images in which I act as an idea creator, photographer, model and stylist. It often happens that I sew my own clothes for my shoots and create paraphernalia like headdresses.

Anastasia Kulikova
(Courtesy of Anastasia Kulikova - Double)

What have you done to yourself to uncover what you become right now?

Anastasia Kulikova: I have a very interesting and long creative path. My style and tastes began to take shape in my childhood. I wore a costume of the The Moon at the New Year's matinee in kindergarten, played the role of The Night in a family theater scene, and in elementary school for the event dressed up in a black costume with a spider web (according to the idea, it was a costume of a cat).

Since early childhood I have been drawing, since 8 years I sew and make different attributes. I study photography from about 2012-2013, that's when I started making dark creative photos, slowly mixing photography and drawing, as well as using my own crafts for works. There were difficult, crisis periods. I went through a teenage period of complexes, the consequences of that period and not understanding myself.

But, after each crisis, I gained more and more understanding of what I am, who I am. At the age of 17 I wanted to be a model, but quickly declined the idea. Ordinary modeling doesn't work for me, although I have good data for it and I cooperated a little with modeling agencies. But I quickly realized that I am a creator first of all.

After that, in 2013, I started working directly with photographers and we created art photos together, where I was the model and the author of the idea. At the same time I started doing creative self-portraits and, spoiler, that works better for me. This way my art reflects me completely, without the prism of another person's vision. As of 2019, I have completely switched to creating work on my own. However, the experience of the past years has certainly come in handy for me. I know how to stand properly to show a garment or jewelry beautifully. Sometimes we collaborate with different brands and I create images with their products.

Fashion is far from the last place in my art and I am inspired by different world famous fashion houses. There were times in my life when I really thought about stopping it, took breaks. Eventually, I realized that I didn't need to go against myself.

I knew from childhood that my life would be inextricably linked to creativity. Now, in addition to actively developing my personal brand, I officially work as a 2d artist. There I create illustrations, improving my skill set each time. Of course, there are certain difficulties in combining 2 jobs. But I have always worked very hard to get results and to manage everything.

My relatives support me morally and are always very proud of me, as well as my life partner, who sometimes helps me to take photos by pressing the camera button under my guidance.

Anastasia Kulikova
(Courtesy of Anastasia Kulikova - The Magma)

I’ve seen and met many people as femme fatale either femme vitale. However, in your works you declared that an alternative persona as ‘fatal femininity’ which is quite intriguing. Would you like to describe that identity that become a part of your entity?

Anastasia Kulikova: This is part of what I present in my work and a direct reflection of my type of beauty. My type is a vamp, confident, elegant, femme fatale. I am in harmony with that and feel that way, there is no dissonance. I am tall, have pronounced cheekbones and visible relief of bones and tendons. That's partly why it all suits me - dark, austere, mystical, laconic and minimalist. It's my aesthetic and I think I look whole in it.

Human should and need to have a role in the reality that structured. Somehow we fit in a place where we truly think we belong with a script written for us. Simply put, a roleplay dedicated to the medium. How do you position yourself in the sense of holism?

Anastasia Kulikova: Thank you for this interesting question. My creativity comes from my soul. Going back to the last question, I will say that everything I broadcast is a reflection of me. I am a whole and distinctive person. I am a living person. I don't need to play a role and build veils of mystery. If I'm mystical - I really am. But it doesn't change the fact that in life I can laugh at memes on the Internet, make jokes, or cry from negative emotions.

Anastasia Kulikova
(Courtesy of Anastasia Kulikova - Hands)

Generating new digital content narrative with the assistance of fantasies teleports you to dimensions that you never visited before. What I mean is that, you explore your path and character during the life journey. What else is there for you to achieve?

Anastasia Kulikova: Of course, I have certain ambitions. But I try not only to plan, but also to focus on action. It will be interesting to reread this interview in 5 years to compare what has changed. Anastasia from 2028, if you are reading this, I hope you are doing well and happy.

I comment your creativity as a constitution of dystopia and utopia. Clearly a profile of a techno romantic. You created your digital self to serve you, not to destroy you. How do you adjust the balance between them?

Anastasia Kulikova: Wow, thanks, that's a very interesting description of my profile. I have not previously identified myself as a techno-romantic. It's very simple, I try to be in tune with myself and listen to myself. If I feel like shifting the retouch vibe to a softer side at that moment - I do it. And vice versa. If that's how I feel at that moment - then it's just as it should be.

Anastasia Kulikova
(Courtesy of Anastasia Kulikova)
Anastasia Kulikova
(Courtesy of Anastasia Kulikova)

Happiness shall not be the sole reason to live a good life and an excuse to suffocate. But I feel better when people feel better and put a smilet on their face. What makes Anastasia happy?

Anastasia Kulikova: I believe that the meaning of life is to feel happy. And happiness is different for everyone. Personally, I feel happy when I do what I love and see the results of my hard work, when I communicate with loved ones, when I travel and eat delicious food.

Any recommendations that you would like to share; like a movie, music, book, or whatever makes you feel something?

Anastasia Kulikova: Oh, it's hard to recommend anything in particular. Among movies I like thrillers, dramas and biographies. I like complex, heavy movies, like Schindler's List. I read paper books very rarely, to be honest.

I do listen to audiobooks, though. Among works of fiction I read dystopian works like '1984'. Lovecraft's books also. From professional literature I like books of psychology and psychotherapy. From music, I prefer rhythmic rock, pop-rock, indie-rock, as well as authentic music with ethnic motifs.

Honor to me, to invited you over here. Please remark your closing words.

Anastasia Kulikova: Thank you for your attention and reading this interview. I am very glad if my works inspire you, if they find in your soul.

Never stop dreaming, striving, working on yourself and developing. Also, don't forget to rest. Don't minimize your own achievements, reward yourself for them. Even if you are going through a difficult period in your life, sooner or later it will pass.


Anastasia Kulikova
(Courtesy of Anastasia Kulikova)

Anastasia Kulikova's official Instagram page, tap here: @an.kul_


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