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  • Hakan Öztunalı

Almighty CDLP

Updated: Feb 27

CDLP has become triumphant, authoritative and influential as days forward. As a Swedish underwear/sportswear company, they are starting to dominate luxurious underwear industry, altering it into a distinctive niche area. Considering their foundation date, in 2016, they are implementing firm steps with a rhythm. But how do they manage their entire business process? What are CDLP’s distinctive notions?

First and foremost, CDLP has become my favorite underwear brand. One day, I wish they will release various collections for accessories and homeware for their future collection. I definitely would like to see them to expand their product lining in a steady way.

However, it should be a lesser collection, because they are oppose to mass production in any aspect. CDLP is a Scandinavian company which is the mother country of sustainability movement. As CDLP advocates; ”using only future-orientated materials” they are really assertive and tech-oriented for what they proclaim.

(Courtesy of CDLP)

Broadly, CDLP’s products are blending of lyocells and bamboos. Lyocell is one of the most durable fibers on earth. which could be useable for underwear, swimwear, socks and so forth.

Besides, these chemical compounds and raw materials won awards from the European Environment Commission. Briefly, CDLP prefers sustainable and durable raw materials for maintaining wholesome environment and slow fashion.

Now, let’s dive into the crucial point, which is their branding frame. CDLP position itself as a mighty and avant-garde men’s essential underwear brand. To be an avant-garde brand you should have a clear vision and a way of perspective to think holistically. In that manner, you have to have a knowledge of how to manipulate fabrics and their features.

For instance, let’s assume there is a specific fabric which is a plain unformed garment. Avant-garde perspective depict that as an opportunity to make a form and put into a shape to create a new form from that fabric or any kind of garment. This is why maintaining sustainability and avant-garde perspective have a lot of similarities in terms of how garments can conceptually convertible into something new.

Those creative firms and designers assign a fresh look and definition to articulate their visions in the concept of aesthetics. CDLP has a vision to comprehend what can be the underlying captivation for underwear to renovate.

Underwear is a basic and fundamental necessity for humanity. I could say that if you wear an underwear, then you can join the civilization of humankind. Just then, CDLP discovers that boredom where many underwear companies manufacturing the same look and the equate average quality for their products. In the meantime, CDLP denotes that grave error and retouches underwear manufacture with a playful approach. The error was how one centrical location dominating the entire world in the sense of underwear, which is China. Many well-known worldwide fashion brands are manufacture products in China’s certain locations. CDLP was disposed to halt the one way of production and their entire product are made in Europe.

CDLP reminded to the social and oppressive communities, you have to be aware of what you wear and what you have in your closet in order to make your life much more inspirational and sensational even it is just a simple underwear. By contrast, it is not solely an underwear, it is where you must maintain your comfort at a high level to make your day better. For me, CDLP deserves the top notch due to their homage to underwear.

(Courtesy of CDLP)

Moreover, biodegradation, recycling, upcycling and so forth. These popular terms are in our lives and yet, we still do not truly understand what is sustainability in a cohesive manner.

Twenty years ago we were talking about globalization and modernity. Nowadays, we are discussing about sustainability and its productive ways. We have to adapt for the inevitable conversion.

CDLP covers sustainability with vanguard approach by creating wonderful campaigns with senior celebrities like Sting and Dolph Lundgren.

Furtherly, they illustrates stories to tell and narrate, shooting splendid campaigns instead of merely selling products.

The co-founders Christian Larson and Andreas Palm after the research of underwear market, they realized that there is not much innovation and it is outdated. Eventually, CDLP offers a life-style with a wholesome mind-set and positive motivation.

I assume that there will more to come very soon by CDLP, because they preserve the evergreen content and fulfill clientele expectations highly.

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