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Afterlife Spree w/ Tsubame

Tsubame is a character illustrator in digital era coming from Macau. Blending colors with serenity, Tsubame considers the capacity of fundamental illustration conversing of use variety of colors to utter innermost feelings. Articulating belief and affliction in the absence of carrying out the thematic notions of their soft drawings. Simply put, dashing to afterlife spree to fulfill wishes in transience of mortality. Solely fixate on color, that doesn't signify one will cannot see the grey.

(Courtesy of Tsubame)

Hello Tsubame! Can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

Tsubame: Hello, I am Tsubame, an illustrator from Macau. I like fresh and elegant colors, and am interested in weird things and stories. So my works may have two styles.

How did you embark on your art journey?

Tsubame: I am very interested in most things and will do it if I want to do it. For example , learn Judo, violin, tattoo… But mostly I didn’t insist on continuing.

One day in the past, I suddenly wanted to be an illustrator, or an artist. I chose to study art. It’s been four years but my journey continues and I don’t want to stop.

What defines your style and technicality?

Tsubame: Illustrations of girl characters. I like the presentation of oil paintings. I think my paintings are more in the style of oil paintings.

How do you decide your main subject in the creative process?

Tsubame: Mainly focusing on characters. During the creation process, I will constantly think of the personalities and stories behind the characters. Sometimes I create secondary creations using my favorite anime characters.

Can you please mention your cultural doctrines that matter and have tremendous impact on your life and work?

Tsubame: Regardless of life or work, focus on my own happiness.

What are your general aesthetic values in art medium?

Tsubame: My aesthetic focuses on color combinations and textures that make people feel comfortable.

Could you please tell me a bit about your Rabbit Moth products and the basic concept of it?

Tsubame: The concept of Rabbit Moth is related to zodiac culture, In the Year of the Rabbit, I made an important choice. I faced some injustices painfully and bravely. And got a lot of help.

At first, the moth represented death or danger to me, and then it became a vehicle that took me away from mental pain, so I created the Rabbit Moth.

Is there any genre influenced you through the trail?

Tsubame: Japanese Ukiyo-e , love the color and texture. Suspense -thriller movies or drama series; Black Mirror, Happy Death Day, Pearl.

Thank you kindly. Your closing words please..

Tsubame: Thanks for reading. 💖


Official IG page of Tsubame, tap @tsu_bame77


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