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About Fashion w/ Fashion Roadman

Updated: Feb 27

Odunayo Ojo as known as Fashion Roadman is a Fashion Journalist that created the Youtube channel called The Fashion Archive and he recently released his first indie fashion magazine. He is also a fashion journalist and fashion enthusiast. Odunayo is resourceful at doing research, analysis and creating content which gives you another perspective to think about fashion. Speaking of fashion, he is very sensitive about sustainable fashion and his interpretations are valuable on that subject.

(Courtesy of Fashion Roadman)

Could you introduce yourself briefly?

Odunayo Ojo: My name is Odunayo Ojo. I would describe myself as a multi-platform fashion journalist because I write about fashion but I also make videos about fashion. I also study fashion journalism at Central Saint Martins.

Where did you come up with the idea of creating a channel on Youtube and what are the vital elements for you when creating your content?

Odunayo Ojo: I created my Youtube channel because I did not see people making videos similar to the discussions I would have with my friends about fashion so I decided to bring those discussions to a wider audience. There are not really any vital elements to my video other than the fact that they have to be well researched. Fashion is very vast so I just find a topic that interests me and make a video about it.

What are your fields of interest other than fashion?

Odunayo Ojo: I am very interested in sports and cars. I actually did basketball and athletics at a very high level. Those are sports that I still enjoy watching even now.

What does fashion mean to you?

Odunayo Ojo: Fashion is a lot. Not sure how to put in words. It’s inspirational, it can communicate one’s personality and says a lot about someone. It’s artistic, it’s analytical especially with the high levels of precision it takes to make a perfectly fitting garment. It’s honestly so many things I could not even begin to start describing what fashion means to me without writing a 10 page thesis.

What is the most prominent difference between fashion and trend?

Odunayo Ojo: I do not think there is a difference. I think fashion is the umbrella term and trends are a sub-sector within fashion.

Do you think people can survive without fast fashion?

Odunayo Ojo: Technically, when we break it down, there are enough clothes in the world for everyone to have things to wear. The issue is in modern society, people do not like the idea of wearing the same thing, so they change clothes constantly and overconsume.

Just on the basis of the sheer amount of clothes in circulation we could definitely survive without fast fashion. However, that is assuming people wear their clothes over and over again and repair them when they get damaged which is not generally the case.

Are there any other ways to reduce production and consumption in fashion?

Odunayo Ojo: I would like to see the government imposing taxes on brands that severely overproduce, it will be a deterrent. The tragedy of commons describes human nature perfectly which is why an issue like this will only improve with governmental intervention. As far as consumption goes, the more consumers are educated on the negative effects of overconsumption and the more consumers will tend to buy less and wear more for longer.

Sustainability for fashion has become popular in recent years. Is it possible to maintain sustainability for fashion without government control, regulations and laws?

Odunayo Ojo: As mentioned earlier if you study ”The Tragedy of Commons” it clearly illustrates why issues like this will not improve without government regulations. Humans tend to do what’s in their best interest and for the big corporations, profit is king.

People oscillate between high fashion and fast fashion. Is it requisite to set a new standard between high fashion and fast fashion?

Odunayo Ojo: ”High Fashion” till today does not necessarily have a clear definition so I still do not even know what the term means. I do not think anything is black and white and high quality clothes do not necessarily have to be expensive. There are plenty of amazing clothes available on the second hand market and a multitude of brands that offer affordable high quality clothing sold at a price point significantly lower than brands associated with ”High Fashion.”

Can sustainable fashion change our lives and the way we live?

Odunayo Ojo: A lot of brands greenwash and claim that their clothing is sustainable when it was. People also are not clear about how their brand is sustainable. Is it 20%? Is it 30%? I think what will change our lives and the way we live is through education on the negative effects of the mass overproduction in fashion. If that is achieved I think everything else will follow.


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