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  • Hakan Öztunalı

A Sneak Peek to Isabel Benenato

Updated: Feb 26

Hi there. Mentioning about Isabel Benenato was on my schedule for a long time. I will definitely post more of her work from now on to show and reveal collections, techniques that she use. And, I believe that she is under the radar, which is truly upsetting for me. Isabel Benenato is the definition of knitwear and no, it’s not a hyperbole..

(Courtesy of Isabel Benenato)

I am searching for perennial clothes and therefore I usually approach designers meticulously – to see how they are handling their work flow. If a life span of a product goes usually for one to five years, then I consider it as a garbage – plus waste of budget.

Who would like to hoard their wardrobe with easily worn out garments? Yes.. This is one of those questions that the answer is already given.

Anyways, the cycle of searching for sustainable, emotive designer never ends. That’s the new normal. However, Isabel Benenato is just beyond the mind-set of sustainability.

According to my understanding, it is just a buzz-word reached maximum popularity in the last decade. Why? Because enterprises had to increment profit after the great recession due to mortgage crisis occurred in 2010.

People were mentioning global warming back in those days, and it has lost popularity, sustainability has become the new demanding spotlight.

I assume the next popular and global buzzword will be the insanity. We gotta get a grip!

Authorities must give new playthings, if they will reset the economy. The global economy is the ultimate play-ground.

Thanks to the mainstream media channels boosting the word for marketing purposes. Because they are just boosted the word, but the philosophy. I am not declining that various designers strict to sustainability, but wasn’t it already there – entitled as prudence?

(Courtesy of Isabel Benenato)

Returning to the topic, İsabel Benenato is an Italian fashion designer who comes from an artistic family. I think she is the inheritor of Yohji Yamamoto with her understanding level of fashion and multi-disciplinary perspective.

She undertakes responsibilities both for menswear and womenswear. As she declared her motto; perfection in imperfection – not seeking gradually growth among market in terms of popularity.

Since 2008, I’ve never seen advertorials, campaigns or any other venture to catch a motion. Just a few collaborations with businesses.

The tenacity of Isabel Benenato is numinous along with not bypassing her strict fundamental roots.

I am not fond of gatekeeping and I think it is kind a obnoxious behavior. We should better understand counterparties instead of defending or offending themselves.

But some people criticize Benenato about why she doesn’t focus on her social media channels, making adjustments like Instagram..

Please read her biography on her website, you will understand why she does not fixate over her social media channels. In my opinion, this is her stance – doesn’t need public attention from media.

Rather than talking of her reputation, it is better to talk about her work. Please check her collections, especially the knitwear category – visible seams and ribbed hems, uncommon asymmetrical cuts with voluminous aesthetic, tailored masterfully.

Her husband, Filippo Novelli is an ingenious person of knitwear techniques and crafting. Consequently, they consolidated talents, conjured grand skill-set.

Before I forget, all craftsmanship are manufacture in Italy with special artisans.

You will understand why Isabel Benenato doesn’t seek recognition, after testifying the seasonless minimalism onto her garments.

So long. Hakan.


Isabel Benenato’s official website, tap here

Isabel Benenato’s Instagram address, @isabelbenenato

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