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  • Hakan Öztunalı

13 Lucky Monkey’s Ravishing Jewelry and Engraving

Updated: Feb 27

Artisan handcrafting, custom design, tarnished and frayed lookalike items, high quality jewelry, skull motifs and silhouettes. A sight to behold! 13 Lucky Monkey design seamlessly any viable concept depending on their expertise. Artisanship is purely outstanding, sculptural and eccentric.

(Courtesy of 13 Lucky Monkey)

(Courtesy of 13 Lucky Monkey)

It takes effort and patience to create a contrast of aesthetic forms and shapes. In my view, aesthetic is a contextual notion that how you view the world from your individual sight.

That is to say, it could be an individual trait, object or an aspiration that you are seeking to find value in any form. It is much like an eternal journey where you chase eternal charmer for your pleasure.

The Co-founders Dante Dizon and his sculptor partner Noli Coronado redefines the compounds of aesthetic and serve that from their gloomy aesthete vision.

By the way, the company is anti mass production. They are willing to stay in the niche jewelry field to create unique products.

I am not a biker nor rider, I am mentioning it because the product line addresses to riders who likes to sniff gasoline or oil. Nevertheless, I discovered profound beauty from their jewelry that matches with my own taste and fashion.

Their purpose is forming a symbiotic relationship with the jewelry and the wearer. Jewelries, could substitute for any type of body and position itself onto wearer’s skin.

That is the underlying purpose of art and craft which is take place formation for the body.

Dante Dizon states that, “Thirteen is a universal number for being unlucky, it’s a number that’s also famous with hot rods and Custom Culture. But we felt very lucky with the way everything fell into place so we could pursue our passion.”

Noli Coronado states that, “I don’t like my rings to be too clean, because then they don’t look like me. I don’t want the bling—something too polished-looking, or shiny—I want the ring to have my fingerprints.”

13 Lucky Monkey is a brand for passionate and fierce people who are eager to follow their desire. It is strictly for unorthodox, non-conformist community who denies being a trite.

The brand is accepting custom design jewelry requests from clients and selling various accessories like lighters, rings, cufflinks, bracelets and money clips.

Many varieties where you can purchase from their online web store.

(Courtesy of 13 Lucky Monkey)

13 Lucky Monkey’s artisanship as a journey starts from molding wax to processing sterling silver or variable precious metals.

Devotion is the key figure for creating these kind of special and fragile custom products. You can not touch, but you can identify it in a abstract way.

Their manner of work is the depiction of smoothness that when you wear that jewelry, it becomes a part of your life and your life-span.

Frequently I mention that, if you decide to purchase a product that reflects any kind of value for your taste and life-style, then that product shall be worth to stay with you till you depart from this world.

This kind of emotion forms a vigorous bond between you and the brand in terms of affiliation. In the aspect of groundwork, forming bonds with brands getting harder and harder.

There are loads of companies emerging from somewhere to become a successful brand and take their share of the cake.

However, this type of action plans are getting monotonous and repetitive which will reach to nowhere.

No matter what, find a brand that covers your life-style and changes your mood in a positive, inspirational manner.

skull 13 Lucky Monkey
(Courtesy of 13 Lucky Monkey)

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